Location of Restaurant

Made's Warung is located within the Municipality of Ubud, in the quiet village of Penestanan.  From anywhere in Penestanan, we're at most a 10-15 minute walk.  From the Ubud Palace in the center of Ubud, our restaurant is an easy 20-25 minute walk, a 10 minute motorbike ride, or a 5 minute taxi ride plus 5 minute walk.

Walking/Motorbike Directions from Ubud Palace (Ubud Palace)

The Ubud Palace is a well known landmark in the center of Ubud at the intersection of Jalan Raya Ubud and Jalan Monkey Forest.  From the Palace, go to the west along Jalan Raya Ubud.  If you're not sure which way is west, just ask someone to point you in the direction of Tjampuhan.  After 1/2 km, the road will start to go down a hill with walls on both sides.  After those walls end, continue to the bottom of the hill where the bridge crosses the river.  After crossing the river, continue just a bit further, up the hill, passing the Tjampuhan Hotel on your right.  Just after the hotel, you'll see a very large set of steps on the left side of the road, with a small hut/taxi stand at the base of the steps.  If you're on a motorbike, park at the base of the steps and walk up the steps as described below

Walking Directions from Tjampuhan Steps

From the bottom of the steps, walk up to the top, and then continue straight ahead on the path. You'll pass by the Lala-Lily Warung Cafe on your right and just a tiny bit farther, you'll see the sign for Made's Warung on your left.  A video showing the walk from the bottom of the steps to our restaurant is available in the menu to the right.

Directions for Taxi

Taking a taxi to Made's Warung is easy, but you will have to take a pleasant 5 minute walk from the nearest taxi stop to our front door.  Our restaurant is on a path that is only accessible by walking or motorbike.  Just tell the taxi driver to take you to the "Tjampuhan Steps," which are across the street from the Tjampuhan Hotel.   Then follow the easy walking directions above.  We will be happy to arrange a taxi for you on your return.